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Who are Rangers?

Rangers are young people aged 10-13, they meet weekly during term time and half term. Rangers have fun going on adventures, spending nights away camping and learning to take the lead.

What do Rangers do?

Rangers get to take part in a broad range of activities, trying new things outside of the norm is what they're all about. Simple things like warming up with a hot chocolate they made themselves on a camp stove in the forest and big challenges like high ropes and kayaking. Weekend and longer camps are also on offer for the full outdoor experience.

Rangers push themselves to try new things, work together as a team and solve problems.

Where and when do Rangers meet?

Rangers meet Mondays 6:30 - 8:30 pm during term time and half term holidays, on an area of private woodland in Lymington. As part of normal weekly sessions they'll also explore other parts of the New Forest area in the summer and go on trips in the in the winter to places like the local climbing wall or activity centre.

What does it cost?

Membership fees are charged termly at £88.40 and paid over 4 monthly payments of £22.10. This includes the normal weekly sessions, for the year this works out around £3.00 an hour.

Autumn Term - September to December
Spring Term - January to April
Summer Term - May to August

We also have a hoody and t-shirt set for all members:

Kids Sizes (Age 5-13) £18.05 /set
Adult Sizes (S-XL) £22.50 /set

Who leads Rangers?

Rangers are led by a team of at least 2 adults, a Section Coordinator and either a Section Assistant or parent volunteer. All of our leadership team are volunteers who share their free time and skills with our members. Parents and members will get to know us on a first name basis, Mike is our Rangers Section Coordinator and Sam our Section Assistant. You can find out more on our meet the team page.

How to join and your first session

To join Rangers you can register using the 'Join Today' link, we'll set you up an account on our online membership system 'Navigate' -here you'll need to fill in our membership forms. Once this is done your Ranger can come along to their first session.

Come in comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, bring a snack, drink and if it's dark a torch in a rucksack.