COVID-19 UPDATE: Outright Adventure sessions are currently running in line with National Youth Agency guidelines - Readiness Level: GREEN

Meet our team

Will Sheard

Group Coordinator, Pursuits Section Coordinator & Managing Director

Will started Outright Adventure back in 2015, with a vision to create an outdoor youth group open to everyone. He's a keen climber, bushcrafter and our camp cook! Will oversees the Brockenhurst group and runs Pursuits.

Team member photo

Mike Peters

Rangers Section Coordinator & Director

Mike joined us just after Outright Adventure started in 2015, he's an avid climber and hill walker. He enjoys spending time out on the Solent in his spare time. Mike runs Rangers and is also our archery instructor.

Team member photo

Sara Hawker

Pioneers Section Coordinator & Director

Sara joined in 2016 starting up our Pioneers age group, and became a director in 2017. Sara enjoys spending time being mindful in the New Forest and making natural arts and craft projects

Sam Grimes

Rangers Section Assistant

Sam joined us in 2017 volunteering with Pioneers & Rangers. You can normally find him by looking for the orange glow of a big campfire! Sam gets stuck in with every activity as long as it doesn't involve getting in the water!