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Volunteer Age 18+

Volunteer and make a difference with your free time, we're always looking for help. You can get involved with our weekly meetings or help with admin in the background either way you'll be making a big difference.

What's involved with being a youth group volunteer?

Every week we show kids the outdoors, get them to connect with one an other and thrive in their environment. We support children's emotional and physical wellbeing and have a good time. This may sound a lot but, coming along, chatting with the kids and helping run activities is the foundation to all of this! You don't need an extensive catalogue of qualifications or skills, just some free time and an open mind.

You get to decide how involved you become, this could helping at a few sessions each term, becoming actively involved in the planning and delivery each week or something in between. We'll give you all of the training you need to get started and as you spend more time with us you'll learn new skills and maybe even some outdoor qualifications on the way.

We're a friendly bunch of people, even if we say so ourselves, volunteering isn't just a chance to help but an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and have a great time.

If you're interested in volunteering with Outright Adventure then get in touch.

How else can I help?

If the outdoors and working with kids isn't for you but you still want to help we would still love to hear from you. Maybe you're good with accounts, are able to drive a minibus or can lend a hand at the start and end of a camp.